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Equestrian Tack: Secretariat – ESPN’s top 100 Greatest Athletes

Ok, so you love horses, you loving riding horses.  You visit equestrian shops online.  You love watching horses shows and various equestrian events but horse racing is not a passion.   Still, you appreciate a remarkable horse when you see one, then  this exhibit is a MUST see.  


The Derby Museum in Louisville, Kentucky at Churchill Downs has an incredible exhibit that runs until March. It is the Secretariat exhibit.   The exhibit focuses on the horses inspiring racing career.  It features valuable artifacts from private collections.  Also on loan from Disney, props from the movie Secretariat, as well as interview footage from Penny Tweedy Chenery, his owner.  The equestrian shops at the Derby Museum also have incidentals from the movie as well as the exhibit.


Why is this exhibit special?  Why do we care?  Secretariat was an exceptional horse, an exceptional athlete. Not only did this horse win the triple crown, he set new race records in two of the three triple crown events.   These records still stand today.  Secretariat also set new track records and world records at other meets and Stakes races.   ESPN listed Secretariat as one of the 100 greatest athletes of the 20th century.  He is the Michael Jordan of horse racing.   

Don't wait until it is gone, this is a one of a kind exhibit to honor a one of a kind horse, Secretariat.  Also, stop by the equestrian shops at the Derby Museum for your Secretariat gear.

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